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Colombia has a little bit of everything and then some more! From the pristine biologically intense Pacific Coast Region, where humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles can be seen practically from your hammock, to the snow-capped mountains in the Andean Regions, to the wide twisting rivers of the Colombian Amazon Region, to crystal clear waters bordered by lush tropical forests of the Caribbean Region – only a little larger than the state of Texas, Colombia has unparalleled climatic, biological and cultural diversity that begs to be explored.

Prepare to be blown away by the range of experiences you can have while visiting this amazing country. From one day to the next, you can be held captivated by the stories of Colombia's rich indigenous and colonial history, hike across glaciers, live side by side with native villagers, dance in one of the multitudes of Colombian festivals, or watch Pink River Dolphins as they glide majestically through the waters of the Amazon River. Make your next vacation a Colombia vacation!