Why Colombia AdvenTours

Our promise

Authenticity of the Experience

The desire to explore new destinations and experiences is part of what makes us human. Through the many experiences working and traveling the world, we found the best way to enjoy a country is to explore the most authentic elements of its culture. The longest lasting memories are moments when we experienced authentic destinations, learned the history and culture, and got to know and understand the people. Therefore, we only share the unique, special and authentic experiences and locations with our guests, combined with excellent service and through an easy and hassle-free process that gives more control over your experience.

An Incredible Vacation

At AdvenTours Colombia, we believe everyone will enjoy an incredible vacation. We only share destinations and experiences that we have experienced ourselves, and ones we have planned for our own family and friends. We are here to guide you and ensure your trip is up to our highest standards of safety, value and quality.

Independent Travel Style

We spend a great deal of time traveling down the "path less traveled" and talking to people that don't follow guide books - people that might take a left turn down a road just to see where it goes. We know unexpected travel gems are not found where large tour companies take people.

Important note

We recommend designing your trip at least eight weeks before your expected arrival date. This enables us to plan and make reservations customized to your situation and interests.

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