Why Colombia AdvenTours

Why Colombia AdvenTours


Local is key

Keeping things 100% local is one of our core philosophies and something that permits everything we do, from the tours and activities we offer, to the guides we hire and hotels we choose. We have an intimate knowledge of all things Colombian, which sets us about from large international tour organizers. We have seen Colombia go from a place even locals feared, to a place now renowned for its safety and tourism infrastructure, and we want to share all these amazing locations with you.


Travel tailored to your needs

Our tours are tailored to our clients’ unique interests, special needs and desires; we provide an exclusive and unforgettable experience and guaranteed service. Whether you are on your honeymoon, traveling with family, with friends, or alone, we can offer a complete range of services from full luxury to independent travel and backpacking excursions.


Affordable custom adventures

We understand that everyone has a different travel budget and unique preferred travel style. For that reason, all our Adventours can be fully customized with a choice of four accommodation levels - Budget, Standard, Comfort and Luxury, as well as options for Special Stay Hotels, Boutique Hotels, and Apartments - all located in some of Colombia’s most amazing destinations.


We also work with local communities and tour operators so you can enjoy unique home stays in traditional Colombian villages. By using local transportation we keep things economical, and by not packing our trips full of excursions and activities, you can add to your days only what you want. Heck, we know sometimes you'd prefer to do NOTHING - maybe just sit in a hammock by the beach and relax.


We design our AdvenTours with plenty of room for customization and spontaneity giving you room to explore and discover Colombia for yourself and how you want to experience it.


We pass group discounts onto you

We are unique in the industry in that we give you the option to "share" entire tours, short trips and activities with our other travelers in order to save you money. Local operators, such as those that might organize "fishing trip" locally, give tour agencies a discount depending on the number of people in a group. Tour agencies then take this discount for themselves to increase profit margin. Instead, we combine things like transportation, short trips and activities (but always keeping group sizes less than 10) and pass the group discount on to our clients.


By travelers for travelers

We design all our trips, excursions and activities around what we and our friends like to do. All our travel elements are pieced together through unique knowledge of Columbia's extremely diverse geography and cultural wealth. Our experiences are packed full of insightful first-hand knowledge, personal tips and recommendations for what to see, what to do - right down to what you should bring on your trip, or where the best places to eat are.


Travel sustainable and with a conscious

We fully believe in responsible tourism and only work with local and small operators and family-owned hotels in order to support local economies.


As part of our policy of operation, we support local conservation initiatives, and respect and care for the fragile environments we visit. To accomplish this, we specialize in small-group tourism, which not only gives us the ability to offer our guests personalized services and attention, but enables us to “Leave no Trace,” which protects the precious and fragile cultural and biological environments we visit.


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